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“Magyar Asztalos és Faipar” (The Hungarian Carpenter and Wood Industry) was the monthly professional journal of the domestic woodworking and carpentry industry, delivering the latest news, professional and economic information, and reports on domestic and foreign events since 1990.

The former print, and later online edition, continues in a new format from 2023: the portal informs professionals about the latest products in the fields of materials, tools, and machines necessary for daily work, which help to make decisions regarding material procurement and investments.

Active elements of the Carpenter division:

  • news portal
  • classifieds portal

The successor to AutoSzaki, founded in 1991, the professional journal of the car maintenance industry, Autotechnika and its online platform remain committed to authentically conveying the most important information, news, and know-how for the industry.

Specific details about vehicle maintenance, along with repair information that can be monetized the very next day, make the journal popular among specialized services and professionals. Beyond the business offers from suppliers, Autotechnika contributes to equipping workshops with advice and expert product reviews to help them expand and develop their range of instruments, equipment, and tools. In Autotechnika, professional information is complemented with explanations of regulations, news and directives from supervisory authorities, as well as updates from associations and unions.

Active elements of the Auto division:

  • Autotechnika professional journal
  • news portal
  • WorldSkills and EuroSkills professional support

The Széchenyi Alumni Magazine is the community-building "alumni magazine" of Széchenyi István University of Győr, which celebrated its fifteenth anniversary in 2022.

The aim of the quarterly magazine is to bring together and strengthen the community of tens of thousands of former and current students. Keeping in mind the current events of the higher education institution, the premium magazine presents lecturers, students, as well as professionals with numerous degrees and successful careers who can serve as role models with their work/life/hobbies. The community-building publication with an elegant design and exclusive professional content is read by more and more political and economic decision-makers, company managers and entrepreneurs.

"Látni és látszani" (See and Be Seen) is a joint road safety campaign by the ORFK National Accident Prevention Committee and XMEDITOR. Since 2012, it has aimed to highlight the paramount importance of vision and visibility for accident-free traffic.

In the spirit of accident prevention, primarily services and opticians join, which provide free checks for drivers and other traffic participants – in preparation for winter. Our company is responsible for planning and communicating the national campaign, which, as an integrated campaign, is visible on both online and offline platforms.

In 2021, we created the country's largest outdoor exhibition in Győr. That year, the city celebrated the 750th anniversary of its elevation to a free royal town.

Even during the pandemic, we took on the task with hope, not to invite people into the sanctuaries of art, but to bring the art to the people.

750 artworks – over 500 square meters – for 7 months – at 3 locations.

The Media Ball in Győr has grown into an event noted on a national level, and in 2020, we organized it for the 17th time.

On this evening, representatives of art, media, and public life meet to enjoy themselves in an informal setting. The hundreds of guests are entertained by high-quality performances and also have the opportunity to build professional connections in an informal way – based on a new theme every year.

Our products and events that we had to let go of, but they played a significant role in getting us to where we are today.

  • Ligno Novum exhibition
  • Woodo magazine
  • Formula Student Hungary
  • Formula Student Symposium
  • Formula Student Technology
  • Future Vehicle magazine
  • Hungarian Carpenter
  • Hungarian Carpenter Study Competition
  • National Car Mechanics Study Competition
  • Áram/E.ON staff magazine
  • Kisalföld Volán staff magazine